Debunker's Revival

Published Feb. 1, 2008
the city of lost history
of good people that have done bad things
of a fictitious past and an even more suspect future

a myth, a silent yet pervasive marketing message
promises of greatness and the delivery of nothingness
like shoes that fall apart while they're still fashionable

these idled pimpled walls are architectural responses to youth subculture
and the homestead for millions of isolated and lonely pilgrims
this is the only place to pawn dreams

an igloo of tabloid news defending from worldly injustices
where respecting the spectacle is a profitable lie
where paradise is punctuated by honks of inconvenience

even the loaf of bread has a story to tell
delicate soil to an overpriced shelf
with enough water and shit, the desert can grow anything,
even disappointment

The New World Order of Social Networking

Published Dec. 1, 2007
we have more tools than ever that reward us with communication
cell phones, video chat, instant messaging, text messaging
blue tooth, handheld, pdas, iphones, email
facebook, myspace, linkedin, friendster, orkut, bebo, skype

a generation of use has even created a new language
to optimize efficiency in these new mediums
lol, lmfao, brb, wtf, btw, stfu, nsfw, :)
yet, our efficiency has robbed us of the subtly of language
we represent our emotions with icons, glyphs and graphics
our inexplicable emotions are acceptably unexplainable

in the process we have created a lot of noise
which is digitized, stored, backed up, recalled, searched
the byproduct of noise is a depletion of signal
the signal is the quality and potential of our social connection
we forget how to write a thoughtful letter
or have a meaningful conversation
or how to be respectful

we are constantly compounded by feelings of having to perpetually respond
our work, lives, vacations are filled with an impulsive connectivity disorder
but does anyone have anything valuable to talk about?
or are we just narrating our lives to each other?

our days are consumed with thoughts of cellphone rings
we can hear its call from at least a hundred meters
or sometimes it's a phantom ring our memory creates
it's rhythm is there when we wake up until we go to bed
we move, eat, and sleep with our devices
the circadian rhythms of our phones. would you believe that?

humans have a social capacity of 150 simultaneous connections
when we are over capacity we forget names, identities, relationships
now we have these sophisticated websites that represent our more subtle connections to people we will never talk with again
you'd think all this networking would allow us to use our brain cycles elsewhere
but in fact, it dominates our thoughts
we spend more time of our day managing responses
organizing inboxes, answering calls, sorting intangible relationships

how do we find meaning in all this?
i want to have relationships that are real, that are based on trust
not ones where people can so easily misrepresent, disguise,
unabashedly embellish

Love's Future

Published Nov. 1, 2007
in the future
humans finally uncover
the architecture of love
and suddenly, there was
an overwhelming feeling to
stop creating expressions of love
no more songs
or poems
or long heartfelt letters
the mystery and wonder was replaced
with a series of firing neurons
a set of behaviors manipulated by
hormones and brain chemicals
a game of of causes and affects
in the future
love becomes completely self-aware

Benjamin Franklin

Published Jul. 1, 2007
that son of a bitch
and his
unabating, industrious pitch


Published Jul. 1, 2007
I hear them and I see their bodies
I listen intently to their passionate moans
and watch when the police intensify their yells
I know their children's cries and the reasons why
They smoke cigarettes in the mornings
and their laundry is boring
They never say hi, hello, or goodbye

New Century Romance

Published Jul. 1, 2007
the lifeless bed snail
with her consumerist ways
and orgasms that never pay

Jumping Ship

the titanic was sinking
the stock market was shrinking
hale bop in the sky
anti-depressants were prescribed
high school was too intense
they couldn't afford the medical expense
the deal for the rapture was sealed
tb, aids, and hunger couldn't be healed
villages and homes were lost
homeowners couldn't pay the cost
ceos were caught taking bribes
perversions destroyed the tribe

We Are What You Eat

Published Jun. 1, 2006
the stories we tell ourselves of
nature and natural

beads of timed moisture
lubricating our apprehension

blossoming packaging
always in the season of sterility

an appearance of sustenance
so gorgeously bland and dull

labor we grew, in exchange
for half off the price of two

Making Monoculture

Published Jun. 1, 2006
making monoculture, eating oil
suppressing resistance
increasing vulnerability
controlling nature's weaknesses
drug-dependent crops
pill popping populous, drops

Single Servings

Published Jun. 1, 2006
don't tread on the
single serving side of life

single alchemy meals
six tearless days
monotony fast on the seventh

food is not the dilemma...